2Fast TRT 70cc Cylinder Kit - FULL RACE // Youth ATV


Announcing the new “TRT 2Fast 70cc cylinder kit” And the matching “Racing Exhaust system” Renowned Italian super tuning brand 2Fast (TRT) have announced their latest piece of development the 2Fast 70cc model. TRT is mostly known for the legendary 86cc 2Fast cylinder kit, which started the big bore era before everyone else.

Ever since the 2Fast 86cc engine came to the market it has dominated the competition and everyone has asked will there ever be a 70cc model, well here it is …

This kit is designed for racing and all out performance and is recommended for the most serious and experienced competitors.

The kit features six huge transfer ports and the known T-shaped exhaust port (this one is also huge…). Interestingly the T-shaped exhaust port isn’t used in the 86cc model instead they use a three window exhaust port there. According to TRT the cylinder design has been successfully tested in the Italian scootermatic cup.

A leading 2-Stroke racing exhaust manufacturer is announcing a matched exhaust system to optimize the power potential in the 2Fast 70, it is custom tuned for the port timing and air flow of the new 70 cylinder. This promises to be the ultimate combo for next years national mini quad racers.

There will be a very limited supply of these to make into the United States and Hetrick Racing is YOUR source!